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  • types of vaporizers Types of Vaporizers

    Types of Vaporizers There are many types of vaporizers and here we'll give you an overview of each to help you narrow your search down. Each type has benefits to different lifestyles,  budget and plant material types. So we recommend to get to know the basics before committing to one. Learn more about tips and [...] Continue Reading
  • How to Choose a Vaporizer How to Choose a Vaporizer

    Keep it simple when deciding what vaporizer to buy and keep these three things in mind…Where, What and How.

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  • Heating and Temperature

    There are two primary types of heating methods for herbal and wax vaporizers: conduction and convection. Conduction involves the transfer of heat through direct contact while convection involves heat transfer via air particles. Conduction Heating Conduction heating works by utilizing direct contact of the herb with a heated surface, often times solid metal or a screen. [...] Continue Reading